Cyberattacks now seen at Unprecedented Scale as Teleworkers Increase in Massive Numbers

COVID-19 Hacker attacks Work from Home Users

As recent events have now shaped the culture of our business and personal life, we are now entering a new phase of the aftershock of the COVID-19 pandemic.  Chaos, survival mode, quarantining, shifted focus, uncertainty, mass layoffs, financial disruption, and large companies now declaring bankruptcy have resulted in businesses and individuals shifting their attention to personal matters and “keeping the lights on” versus being attentive to the needs of their business’s network & security protection.

Hackers now have more time (working from home) to innovate and deploy cyberattacks.  Vulnerabilities exist in businesses as a large number of employees connect remotely and stress the resources of outside connections.  Because of the increased lack of attention towards business initiatives, lack of visibility is imminent and this leaves a wide open gap in an organizations security infrastructure.  One small vulnerability (which we are seeing a lot of at the moment) could lead to an organization declaring bankruptcy.  Massive layoffs and the appropriate workforce not watching or responding to alerts leaves the business as if nobody is there.  Imagine planes in flight and no one is in the control tower?

What is Sniper Watch doing to help?

WE ARE TAKING MASSIVE ACTION TO HELP OTHERS!  We are providing FREE network & cybersecurity services to everyone who is working from home during these difficult times.  We are built from the foundation in security and automation.  We can deploy our software and cloud services within minutes.

Our engines analyze petabytes of traffic patterns daily.  Thousands of new COVID-19 domains have been registered in the past few months.  Hackers are sending emails and links that end users are clicking on because they are scared and are looking for information, inadvertently installing silent malware onto machines in which hackers are able to create backdoors to get into your machine and network.  Command and Control (CnC) sends data such as account information, saved browser settings and passwords outbound to their Internet-based attacker infrasctructure.  Sniper Watch has the ability to see this and stop it from taking root.

Endpoint Detection & Response: Why You Need This?

Real-Time Threat Protection.  If a day zero attack (a vulnerability that most or all of the security vendors have not seen) is first seen by our cloud algorithm engines, you get immediate remediation and protection to that threat instantly.

DNS Cloud Security: Why You Need This?

Cloud security platform that performs the 1st line of defense to threats on the Internet, wherever users go and wherever you access the Internet.  Our platform provides protection across all endpoint devices on your network including smartphones, IoT, cameras, garage doors, windows, locks, and thermostats.  We have visibility into the web reputation of web site domains and behavior to protect an endpoint from being infected before it materializes.

For the next (3) months, we will provide software and services at no charge so that others may be able to prevail and get through this difficult period.  We have spoken to hundreds of folks who have faced job elimination, uncertainty, and struggle in making mortgage/rent payments, as well as keeping food on the table.

Hackers are not going to stop and you need to keep your business and home devices safe from disruption, advanced malware, sophisticated behavior-based attacks and money/financial exfiltration of your bank accounts.  It is unacceptable and Sniper Watch is here to put a stop to the chaos, PERIOD.

Please find a time on our calendar that works for you and schedule a call with our team to get setup immediately.  We are here to serve you!

Thank you,

The Sniper Watch Security Operations Center Team

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