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software-defined wan

80% of cybersecurity attacks are blocked before they reach the perimeter.
Scalable, smarter protection for businesses where users connect to the Internet anywhere, anytime, and from any device.

Protection inside and outside the office


Advanced intelligence to uncover attacker behavior and infrastructure.



Visibility & Enforcement across all of your offices, devices, and ports, anywhere.


Remediate already infected devices and prevent business disruption from phishing, malware, and ransomware at the root.

Application-Centric Visibility. Complete Protection.

Business Challenge

Lack of Visibility and Enforcement Outside the Enterprise

Organizational IT lacks the ability to enforce security outside the corporate infrastructure and when users are mobile.  Research shows that 55% of organizations rely on traditional anti-virus alone as their main security protection.  Network and Security administrators have no visibility into files and other contextual, proprietary, organizational data that is being shared in cloud applications or collaborated among coworkers.

Decentralized networks and offices are increasingly difficult to secure and to enforce common policy across multiple devices.

Sniper Watch Solution

80% of Cyberattacks are Stopped at the Perimeter

We insert an air filter in between our air intake and our HVAC home unit to stop the larger particles and debris from choking our heating and cooling in our home so it doesn’t shut down when we need it the most, don’t we?  Why don’t we do the same to protect our critical and proprietary data, expensive network equipment, and valued employees?

Well, now we can.

Serving over 65 million users, Sniper Watch has the insight into the global database to see attacks before they launch. Using this global, participation security network, we are able to strengthen defenses against the most current and modern cyberattacks across all devices. Attacker methods, tactics, and infrastructure must be built out before it can be launched. We see the relationships between malware, domains, IPs, and networks across the internet. We learn from internet activity patterns to automatically identify attacker infrastructure being staged for the next threat.More and more cloud based applications are being used by users. Organizations lack the ability to control what users do with storing sensitive corporate and proprietary data in the cloud. Sniper Watch provides the ability to get insight into which users and devices are sharing this information in the cloud as well as defend against hackers from exfiltrating this data or compromising a user identity.

Features And Benefits

DNS Layer Protection

Detect and stop phishing, ransomware, malware, and command & control callbacks for remote users and remote offices that do not tie back to your headquarter site.

Performance Optimization

Faster Internet speeds means your employees can work more quickly and effectively with less security risks from stopping them to complete their work.

Security Intelligence

Based on Sniper Watch's global datacenter footprint, we have visibility around the globe that gives us insight into attacker infrastructure staged on the Internet

Device Lifespan

Blocking malicious destinations and threats at the DNS layer means your user's smartphones, laptops, and your network infrastructure work less, therefore decreasing resource utilization and increasing your Total Cost of Ownership (TCO)

Threat Vector

Stop comprehensive, modern day attacks in real-time through statistical models that provide the intel and ability to block a compromising attack wherever the asset exists.

The Sniper Watch Advantage

Behavior Based Recognition

We analyze the request patterns to detect many types of threats and anomalies. For example, we can determine if a system is compromised based on the types of requests it’s making. If a device is making requests to a number of known-bad domains, it’s more likely to be compromised.

DNS Discovery Resolution

If a user makes a request to a web site that contains malware or malicious behavior, through our global intelligence database, we have insight to know that the web site is parked in a bad Internet neighborhood, and the request would be blocked with a splash page, indicating to the user that the request was a potential threat, keeping the user identity and corporate asset safe from infection.  If the web site is a known good site based on our reputation and disposition intelligence model, the traffic would be returned to the user as normal.  Because over 3,000 new web sites are popping up daily, we monitor unknown sites until enough intelligence has been formulated to determine its behavior.  If the site is unknown or linked to potentially compromising data, the user request will undergo a dynamic analysis to determine if it is safe.  Typically, companies have web proxies that proxy all traffic, whereas we proxy only unknown, or grayware traffic until it is deemed safe, thereby optimizing your network performance and speed.

Faster Internet Speed

The shortest distance between two points is still a straight line…

Because your business is using our DNS Layer Protection, we have over 2000+ peerings in datacenters all over the world which will shortcut the traffic, thereby increasing performance and optimization of your Internet requests versus taking your local carrier’s long trip around.

Five (9's) Reliability

Global Anycast IP Routing system provides the ability to detect your source location and route your web traffic to the closest, and fastest available Data Center versus others primary and secondary data centers geographically dispersed over longer distances.

Simplified Security


Just as SSL turns HTTP web traffic into HTTPS, DNSCrypt turns regular DNS into encrypted DNS traffic, providing end-to-end security.



No Service Disruption with true Anycast Datacenter reliability.


Simplicity & Unification

Create and enforce policy across all of your endpoints based on specific users and groups.


Work Smarter. Not Harder.

built into the foundation of the internet

protect users anywhere.

To outwork your competition, your users must collaborate from anywhere and from any device.  A geographically dispersed workforce introduces gaps in visibility.  Reduce risk by employing dianalyze the request patterns to detect many types of threats and anomalies. For example, we can determine if a system is compromised based on the types of requests it’s making. If a device is making requests to a number of known-bad domains, it’s more likely to be compromised.

gAin an unfair advantage over your competitors

Businesses are still using Proxy servers.  Through advanced global intelligence of monitoring attacker behavior, Sniper Watch only proxies relevant traffic, keeping your business running at optimum capacity.  Reduce risk by employing techniques that provide you with results.  Visibility to protect and defend files and data that is leaving your company.


Easy integration with your existing security portfolio.  Our security gets to work within minutes of integrating into our cloud based platform.  We discover and fix problems that impede your business profitability, immediately.

Best In Coverage

Easily deploy security everywhere and protect all devices on and off your network.

Best In Protection

Stop threats before they reach your network or endpoints.

Best In Performance

No added latency. Intelligent proxy only to necessary traffic.

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Proactively defend against threat actors and fight cybercrime & data exfiltration.

49% of the workforce
is mobile.

82% of corporate laptop
users bypass VPN's.

70% increasee in SaaS
usage in next 2 years.

68% of workloads will be in public
cloud data centers by 2020.

69% of branch offices have
direct-to-internet access

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