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Why Sniper Watch ?

State of the Industry

In today’s modern world, Technology Businesses have seemed to have lost their way.  They’ve lost the reason why they are in business in the first place and the reason why they get up in the morning.

Our History

We have had the unfortunate pleasure to have worked for and with the world’s most prominent technology companies.  It was a very rewarding experience, but when you spend more time figuring out how to respond to Management emails, rather than focusing on what is more important, which is the client’s solution, and when this has gone on for too many days in a row, we knew we had to change something.

Sniper Watch was born.  We are built and run for and by Network & Cybersecurity engineers, not by non-technical folks who don’t understand how or why technology needs to be deployed.

Let me ask you a question.  Do you want the pilot who flies the plane?  Would you prefer the guy who has done many hours of flight simulation, or the guy who analyzes the numbers for the airline talking to you about your technology plan or network and security architecture?

In the same way, do you want the guy who has banged the keyboards writing code, the guy who has done the overnight cutovers, who’s closed their eyes sleeping on a floor for hours intermittently while being on hold with Cisco TAC for an issue, while they’ve changed Call Center engineers in between shifts, the guy who has fought with a courier service team about an SLA for a server system board of an email server that failed at 2 am, and it was critical to get email back up by morning, foregoing sleep to ensure customer satisfaction, or do you want the guy that talks about IT…?

Well, that’s what we look for in our team and our clients are grateful for Sniper Watch doing that little bit extra.


Who We Are

Just about every company publishes this page with pictures of the founders, and the great products and services that they offer.  Our products and services are dynamic and changes as technology changes, and the need for our clients to change.

The CEO of Sniper Watch suggests that it is about no one individual.  We could not deliver such innovative and impacting services without the tools and resources that have been developed and provided by others who have come before us, which gives YOU automation and security at such a cutting edge level. 

This page is about those creators, thought leaders and our Sniper watch team who have taken those tools and made things just a little bit better to serve our valued customers. I’m thankful to my team and partners who have pressed on when others told me it couldn’t be done.

For that, we are grateful and eternally thankful.


Why You'll Come Work With Us

I’ve taken 3 trains and walked a half mile to get to work each day.  I’ve experienced lack.

I’ve listened to customer issues and felt helpless to deliver on their needs because of lack of budget, what Management instructs me to give to a customer and I’ve seen the frustration and pain in my customer’s eyes because their livelihood and job is held in the balance.

And I could do nothing about it.

The age of change is here.

I’ve decided to not allow the patterns of the past continue because others have thought up this way of what is called business today.  We provide such irresistible value because we’ve walked in those shoes.  Imagine a day when your hands are tied much less to allow your business to grow as it should. No more limitations, only solutions.

That’s what WE do.

That time is now, and it is here. This is our promise.

Change is happening NOW!

– Note from the CEO

Sniper Watch

You Don't Have To See The Whole Staircase

You just have to take the first step.  Whether you are just getting started or have a seasoned, technical team, we are here to provide you with the cutting edge tools and techniques that will shortcut years off of attempting to figure it out for yourself.

We Now Live In a Service Based Economy

Reduce Complexity

Access to resources and attention to considerations such as compliance, cost tracking, and risk. Benefit from best practice implementations that will save you in the long run.

CapEx vs OpEx Reduction

Pay as your business grows. Ability to do more with less. Increase flexibility and scalability.

MSSP Partnership

Reduce administrative, time, and budgetary burdens. Implement needed solutions now, on a budget that makes sense.

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relentless protection for your brand, your people, and your legacy

It takes one attack to take down your business.  An attacker only has to be right once, and they have the sophisticated, automated tools to penetrate systems.  You have to be right all the time.  Trust your network and security to the cybersecurity experts who do this all day long.  Not because we have to, but, because we love keeping your business, in business.

Allow us to serve you. Our 20+ years of experience will shortcut your Time To Protection (TTP)

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