Our mission is to optimize accelerate protect

your brand, your business, and your people.​

Sniper Watch is a network infrastructure and cybersecurity team that continuously builds a secure corporate ecosystem across all vectors.  Businesses of all sizes, from new startups, to seasoned organizations, leverage our expertise to simplify the dynamic complexities of disparate, siloed, technology.

A security breach occurs every 39 seconds

Businesses need to adapt quickly to meet the technology demands of today.  Changes are ordered to be implemented from the executive level “yesterday” before the business is ready or has planned for it.

Regulatory complexity, configuration standards failure, and a shortage of expert engineers lead to gaps in visibility and protection.

Removing the barriers of complete network and cybersecurity best practice helps more businesses secure the entire organizational landscape, expedites growth, and allows companies to focus on their core niche of services.

How We Are Different

Sniper Watch fosters radical growth and decreases time-to-execution, eliminating technical & financial complexity while shortcutting years of struggle to achieve results-based business outcomes in a fraction of the time.


Cloud-delivered, agile, lightweight application infrastructure that can be delivered in minutes.


Perpetual updates of technology infrastructure to ensure a breach free ecosystem.


Technical expert alignment and continuous analysis of baseline network and cybersecurity infrastructure against best practice and industry standards.


We Now Live In a Service Results Solution Based Economy

Reduce Complexity

Access to resources and attention to considerations such as compliance, cost tracking, and risk. Benefit from best practice implementations that will save you in the long run.

CapEx vs OpEx Reduction

Pay as your business grows. Ability to do more with less. Increase flexibility and scalability.

MSSP Partnership

Reduce administrative, time, and budgetary burdens. Implement needed solutions now, on a budget that makes sense.

Every Industry Is Shifting

How will you stay one step ahead of your competition?

Power In Numbers

Requests per day
1 B

Our systems ingest big data in order to visualize global traffic behavior and block malicious patterns before they materialize.

Countries Worldwide

Businesses all over the world trust our systems to protect their assets.

pay as you grow
$ 999

Start with a Free Trial.  Delivered in minutes.  Your business can exponentially benefit from our platform versus building your own.

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