Unprecedented Control. Granular, application visibility.

Extended Threat Detection & Response (XDR)

Continuous monitoring and detection of endpoint processes to maintain a clean bill of health and stop advanced malware techniques that other solutions miss.

Real-Time. Cloud Security. Fast.

Extended Threat Detection & response

Cloud-delivered, unified advanced threat protection that combines next-generation antivirus, endpoint detection & real-time remediation, artificial intelligence, and behavior analytics in a single solution.

Detection & Prevention
Continuously monitor all file behavior to uncover stealthy attacks. Automatically detect, block, and remediate advanced malware across endpoints through constantly updated cloud intelligence.
Monitoring & Recording
Tangible, expert insight into advanced persistent threats, phishing, malware, and ransomware through reporting that is easy to understand.
Rapid Time to Detection
Discover, contain, and remove advanced malware, zero-day attacks, and persistent threats.  Detect threats instantaneously.
Integrated Threat Defense
Identify an attack pattern before, during, and after a malicious event has launched. Stop & catch sophisticated attacks that may evade other defenses quickly and easily.

Monitoring & Detection

Comprehensive Network & Cybersecurity

Real-Time Advanced Threat Prevention

Cloud intelligence via algorithmic models which analyze billions of global behavior activity to provide secure internet-working requests daily.

Retrospective Security

Ability to review past events of all activity to identify root cause and apply remediation.

Unprecedented Visibility

Insight into understanding what happened by seeing events that took place up to the point of where we stopped the breach from launching.

Polymorphic Threat Prevention

Ability to detect file or behavior that may have originated as benign, but then later morphed into activity with a poor reputation or anomaly behavior.

One Effective Breach Could Invoke Irreparable Damage or Put Your Organization Out of Business

Sniper Watch provides an intelligent, multi-layered defense against attacks designed to put your organization out of business.


Attackers drop malware on endpoint assets that utilize internal resources such as CPU and memory to generate cryptocurrencies.  Imagine a cloud-based server infected with this low profile attack hijacking critical business processes.


Severe malware that could lock up data and be held for ransom.  Companies can lose hundreds of thousands of dollars per hour and would have to divert operations, but would gladly pay $300,000 to get their data back.  


Perpetual attempts through email, social engineering, and social reconnaissance to knock a user off-guard in order to steal credentials or authorized access to data and systems.

Data Exfiltration

Attackers drop malware in memory and system processes and are masked as other authorized name processes to evade detection and communicate out to Command & Control servers in public attacker infrastructure to stealthfully exfiltrate sensitive corporate data and secrets to put an organization out of business or sell personal identifiable information on the dark web.

Fileless Malware

Advanced, stealthy behavior-based activity that compromises endpoint processes to trigger undetected events utilizing authorized programs and applications behind the scenes causing in-memory execution and launching code, data exfiltration, and corporate reputation damage.

Endpoints Continue To Be The Primary Point Of Entry For Breaches

70% of Breaches Start on endpoint devices

We Detect and Block Attacks

Managed Detection & Response (MDR)

Sniper Watch prevents attacks by providing the latest global threat intelligence to strengthen defenses, combining dynamic real-time cloud informed breach detection with an Anti-Virus (AV) engine to detect and block attacks at point-of-entry, built-in sandboxing technology to analyze unknown files, and proactive protection capabilities that close attack pathways and minimize vulnerabilities. But if malware evades these prevention measures and gets inside, Sniper Watch continuously monitors and records all file activity (behavior, not content) to quickly detect malicious behavior, provide retrospective alerting, and then provide deep visibility and a detailed recorded history of the malware’s behavior over time—where it came from, where it’s been, and what it’s doing. Think of it like rolling back the tape to see what happened so that it can be prevented in the future.

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Modern Business Problems Solved

Features & Benefits


Global Threat Intelligence

Cloud-native machine and behavior intelligence leveraged by all of your assets.


Built-In Sandboxing

Receive real-time threat intelligence and protection based on our team luring in malware and attack behavior into our test environment to explore its temperament in order to keep your business constantly safe.


Proactive Prevention

Identify and remediate known and emerging threats in real-time before they can be launched on your endpoint.


Continuous Analysis

Once a file lands on an endpoint, we continue to watch, analyze, and record all file activity, regardless of disposition. If malicious behavior is detected, we can identify where it came from, where it's been, and what it is doing.


Retrospective Activity

Ability to look back in time and trace processes, file activities, and communications in order to understand the full extent of an infection, establish root cause, and perform remediation.


Polymorphic Detection

File or behavior activity can evade firewall defenses by having a good or unknown disposition. We can detect and stop any Indication of Compromise, such as an event trigger, or a change in file disposition.


File Trajectory

Identify clear actions, mouse clicks, site visits, and process launches that took place prior to a security breach occurrence.


Device Trajectory

Detect and block malicious device file activity or abnormalities at the machine process level that attempt to do anything outside the parameters of the intended action.

Simplify Your Cybersecurity Posture

Managed Threat Detection & Response

Prevent sophisticated breaches, protect your organization’s proprietary data by detecting and stopping threats faster, and automate your network and security operations to save time and work smarter.

Eliminate Breaches. Period.

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Traditional antivirus, point in time detection, and static signatures are antiquated and do not provide the needed real-time intelligence your network endpoints require to function in a modern business world.  Employ real-time EDR, multi-vector intelligence solutions to keep your organization in business. 

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