Secure Cloud

Cloud Access Security Broker (CASB)

Accelerate secure cloud and SaaS access by protecting users, data, and applications.

network access control

The Business Challenge

As organizations continue to adopt SaaS and multi-cloud services, the attack surface extends to the cloud and the business cybersecurity risk increases.


Businesses are attacked every 11 seconds and attacks are estimated to cost businesses approximately $20 Billion dollars by 2023.  

Advanced Malware

Sophisticated, behavior-based attacks continue to evade cutting-edge defenses.

Command and Control

Resident and evasion-based malware trigger time-based exfiltration calls to extract sensitive and critical information.

The Business Solution

Our Cloud Access Security Broker (CASB) acts as an intermediary between cloud providers and cloud consumers to enforce your organization's security policies.


Identity Security

Defend against compromised accounts and malicious insiders with our User and Entity Behavior Analytics (UEBA) which run against an aggregated set of cross-platform activities for better visibility and detection.


Data Security

Protect against exposures and data security breaches with a native data loss prevention (DLP) engine with automated, policy-driven response & remediation actions.


Application Security

Discover and control malicious cloud apps connected to your corporate environment, and receive a crowd-sourced Community Trust Rating to identify individual app risk

Cloud-native Security at scale

Apps Discovered
1 +

Discover apps and apply secure policy to align to your organization.

Under User Management
0 M

Total Users

Files Monitored Daily
0 B

Number of files detected daily.

Benefits & Value



User Security

Visibility and threat protection as users access cloud-based applications.

Agile and Flexible

Data Security

Control and visibility to sensitive data being stored across multi-cloud environments


CapEx vs. OpEx Reduction

App Security

Discover, classify, and disable risky applications to enforce organizational compliance and security policy.

Simplify Your security Posture

Cloud Access Security Broker

Prevent sophisticated breaches, protect your organization’s proprietary data by detecting and stopping threats faster, and automate your network and security operations to save time and work smarter.


Organizations have reduced insight into shadow IT and the number of applications & data being shared amongst coworkers. Get visibility and know your risk by limiting & securing 3rd party connected apps that could potentially be a threat to your business.

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