Virtual Chief Information Security Officer (vCISO)

Technology Alignment continuously performed against industry standards.

Sniper Watch will perpetually assess business impact, identify misalignments, provide recommendations, and schedule remediations to maximize client investment.

Results Based vs. Time Based

Business Outcome

The Sniper Watch MSSP/vCIO approach observes a Results-Based configuration method.  Clients require a number of technical checkpoints to be achieved in order to acquire successful network & cybersecurity convergence.  Your network & cybersecurity business posture is constantly evaluated and aligned to cutting-edge standards and protocol.  Our client engagement methodology employs a partnered approach in which our team will support the dynamics of your business throughout the delivery lifecycle in this radically changing climate.

Traditional Approach

Legacy clients engage a vendor to help design and implement one particular solution, thinking this achieves network compliance and/or security.  Typically, a vendor will implement the solution and then move onto another customer project.  Often, the technology is scoped by a resource that has never deployed the technology.  Partial security is not security.  This method of technology delivery is antiquated and does not properly secure a business in today’s modern world.


An Integrated Approach

Turning Customers into Clients

A Different Way of Thinking

We work together with you towards a common goal.  We consider your network & security, our network & security.  Each month, our Technology Alignment strategy session with you will identify focused areas and compare your current posture against modern standards.  The recommendations discussed will be marked and scheduled into a roadmap for integration into your business plans.

Discover how Next-Generation Managed Services can develop your complete network & security posture quickly.

Monitoring & Detection

Comprehensive Network & Cybersecurity

Application Visibility

Approve or disapprove of apps being accessed by your user population across the enterprise. Get expert advice based on risk levels.

Advanced Persistent Threats

Block Malware and Advanced Persistent Threats in real-time.

Filtering and Blocking

Ability to enforce URL Filtering and blocking of inappropriate web sites.

80+ Category Filters

Ability to enforce over 80+ general category filters across many content sites.

We Detect and Block Attacks

Managed Detection & Response

Sniper Watch prevents attacks by providing the latest global threat intelligence to strengthen defenses, combining dynamic real-time cloud informed breach detection with an Anti-Virus (AV) engine to detect and block attacks at point-of-entry, built-in sandboxing technology to analyze unknown files, and proactive protection capabilities that close attack pathways and minimize vulnerabilities. But if malware evades these prevention measures and gets inside, Sniper Watch continuously monitors and records all file activity (behavior, not content) to quickly detect malicious behavior, provide retrospective alerting, and then provide deep visibility and a detailed recorded history of the malware’s behavior over time—where it came from, where it’s been, and what it’s doing. Think of it like rolling back the tape to see what happened so that it can be prevented in the future.

Simplify Your Cybersecurity Posture


Prevent sophisticated breaches, protect your organization’s proprietary data by detecting and stopping threats faster, and automate your network and security operations to save time and work smarter.


Our technical engineers are available to discuss your goals and help get you on a path towards solving your network & security challenges.

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