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Network Access Control

Network Wide Visibility. One Solution.

With centralized network control, you can create consistent network access and segmentation policies for your end users that protect you from security threats and attacks.

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Business Challenge

The foundation of a secure and protected network includes having greater visibility and access control in your organization. Improved visibility and accurate device identification allows you to see exactly who and what is on your network at all times. This helps lower the number of unknown endpoints, and the potential threats they carry, on your network.

Sniper Watch Solution


Sniper Watch delivers the Cisco Identity Services Engine solution quickly and affordably. ISE is the market leading network access control (NAC) and policy enforcement platform that allows you to define and deploy access and control policy across your entire enterprise network from one central platform. It lets you set automated rules for who can access your network, and what they can access on it.
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ISE provides you with the following capabilities:

  • Visibility across your entire network infrastructure, so you can see what devices are on your network, anytime and anywhere.
  • Accurate device identification with Cisco’s advanced profiling technology supported by ISE-based probes, embedded device sensors, endpoint scanning, and a device-profile feed service.
  • Integrated authentication, authorization, and accounting (AAA), access policy management, profiling, posture, and guest services.
  • Automated segmentation that allows you to easily manage access to enterprise resources and restrict lateral movement of threats with micro-segmentation
  • Visual and automated workflows that allows you to take care of onboarding and administration for employees and guests in minutes.
  • Fully customizable mobile and desktop guest portals enable you to simplify and optimize your users’ experience, while providing protection and marketing of your brand.
  • Device Administration through RADIUS or TACACS as a central point of managing all of your network devices
  • Enforce Security Posture and Compliance by ensuring that all endpoints accessing the network adhere to your business network and security policies
  • Securely onboard BYOD devices
  • Provide automatic and sponsor based Guest Registration services safely and securely
  • 802.1X secure access


Features And Benefits

Cloud Security

98% of Cybersecurity attacks are stopped before they reach your perimeter. Protect your user identities, devices, and data.

Perimeter Security

Next-Generation Perimeter Firewalls have the ability to inspect rich, contextual, telemetry data. Strengthen your security portfolio

Endpoint Detection & Response Security

Exfiltrating sensitive data and money is a hacker's mail goal. The Endpoint is where the data is located. Gain dynamic endpoint threat visibility Read More

Endpoints Continue To Be The Primary
Point Of Entry For Breaches

70% Of Breaches Start On Endpoint Devices



Gaps In Protection

Of Organizations Say Attacks
Evaded Existing Preventative Tools


User Error

Of Attackers Bypass Endpoint
Defenses Because Of User Error


Gaps In Visibility

Of Organizations Are Unable To
Determine Cause Of Breach



Industry Average
Time To Detection

Small & Medium Sized Business

Cyberattacks are not special initiatives reserved for the large organizations.

It is our duty to enforce security
No business is immune to today’s advanced, persistent, cybersecurity threats. Small and medium sized businesses are just as susceptible, if not more susceptible than large organizations. To date, large organizations typically are the businesses that can afford high end products and services. We have streamlined more affordable, and effective delivery methods so that all businesses have the opportunity to stay secure.

On average, businesses take over 100 days to detect malware. We have the ability to detect and stop advanced malware automatically in hours or
even minutes. Some of the biggest cyberattacks, hackers were inside the company network for over 6 months, gaining intelligence before
they launched their attack.


Sniper Watch delivers an affordable network access control solution in a systematic way. Secure east-west traffic on your network and get the best in class solution quickly.

Monitoring & Reporting

The Sniper Watch MVP platform will monitor and send you daily reports of the activity's events for that day.

What does this mean for You? Key Client Benefit

By implementing the right cybersecurity team, your business can operate at full potential and concentrate on increasing revenue and brand awareness.

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It’s no surprise why threat actors are winning the fight in cybercrime and data exfiltration.

49% of the workforce
is mobile.

82% of corporate laptop
users bypass VPN's.

70% increasee in SaaS
usage in next 2 years.

68% of workloads will be in public
cloud data centers by 2020.

69% of branch offices have
direct-to-internet access

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