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Network Access Control​

With centralized network control, you can create consistent network access and segmentation policies for your end users that protect you from security threats and attacks.

network access control

Enterprise-Wide Cybersecurity

Corporate Policy Enforcement

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Advanced intelligence to uncover attacker behavior and infrastructure.
Visibility & Enforcement across all of your offices, devices, and ports, anywhere.
Remediate already infected devices and prevent business disruption from phishing and malware.

Network Access ControlIdentification & EnforcementSniper Watch Professional Services

The foundation of a secure and protected network includes having greater visibility and access control in your organization.  Improved visibility and accurate device identification allows you to see exactly who and what is on your network at all times.  This helps lower the number of unknown endpoints, and the potential threats they carry, on your network.  Mitigate the potential chance of a breach with a proactive strategy.

Proactive Detection & Remediation

Comprehensive Network & Cybersecurity

Threat-Centric Network Access Control

Identify any endpoint's malware, vulnerability, and threat-score status in real-time as they join your network. Automatically quarantine users and computers from accessing critical data, keeping your business operations safe.


The foundational building blocks of a secure network. Secure north-south, and east-west traffic across your enterprise, enforce only the user permissions allowed to access role-specific data. Proper privilege level access mitigate breaches from stolen credentials and use of employee non-complex passwords.

User & Entity Behavior Analytics

Know user, IP, MAC data of every endpoint onboarding the network, what they do, and how they do it. Alerts from in appropriate behavior, access attempts, and unauthorized access.

Automation Endpoint Anomaly Detection

Solve MAC spoofing attacks by detecting initial device characteristics and any change to that device, block any attempts to access network resources.

Posture Compliance

Computers that don't have the allowable security updates on your network? No problem. Stop corporate policy-enforced non-compliant devices from connecting to the network until they are automatically remediated.

Identify & Block Sophisticated Behavior-native Attacks

Managed Detection & Response

Sniper Watch prevents attacks by providing the latest global threat intelligence to strengthen defenses, combining dynamic real-time cloud informed breach detection with an Anti-Virus (AV) engine to detect and block attacks at point-of-entry, built-in sandboxing technology to analyze unknown files, and proactive protection capabilities that close attack pathways and minimize vulnerabilities. But if malware evades these prevention measures and gets inside, Sniper Watch continuously monitors and records all file activity (behavior, not content) to quickly detect malicious behavior, provide retrospective alerting, and then provide deep visibility and a detailed recorded history of the malware’s behavior over time—where it came from, where it’s been, and what it’s doing. Think of it like rolling back the tape to see what happened so that it can be prevented in the future.

Modern Business Problems Solved Instantly

Features & Benefits


Wired & Wireless Security

Secure DOT1X authentication and authorization access across all endpoint devices.


Device Administration

Secure, encrypted TACACS+ communication access to administered network devices and Role-Based Access Control to enforce authorized, privileged access.


Location Authorization

Stop unauthorized, or wandering user behavior from accessing data not pertinent to their job role. Breaches occur from employees having unnecessary access to resources and information.


Multi-Factor Authentication

Everyone carries their smartphone wherever they go? Simply a tap of a push button notification. Keep your business secure by enforcing a 2nd form of authentication and authorization as employees join the network or when their privilege needs change when accessing new data.


Convergence Optimization

Harness the edge over your competition. Drastically increase network & performance speeds by optimizing your network architecture. Configuration that deviates from the antiquated timer-based network access to a policy-based platform, speeding faster convergence of data and access to information.


Guest Access

Achieve true separation & segmentation mixed with a web portal user experience. Offer Sponsor authorized guest access control or allow guests to self-register their devices within the confines of your corporate policies in order to keep a secure, controlled guest environment.


Bring Your Own Device (BYOD)

Controlling costs? No problem. Securely allow employees to bring their personal devices to access resources in a way that doesn't compromise your business assets.


User Experience

Automated workflows that result in less end user machine disruptions, fostered productivity, and less calls & tickets to the help desk.

Simplify Your NAC Cybersecurity Posture


Prevent sophisticated breaches, protect your organization’s proprietary data by detecting and stopping threats faster, and automate your network and security operations to save time and work smarter.


Avoid the aftermath with a before strategy.  Without the deep visibility into the “Who, What, Where, When, and How” of devices joining the network, you can never be sure that your critical business data is truly safe against today’s sophisticated modern attacks. Take action now to inject an advanced layer of automated detection to keep your business operating efficiently.

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