Analytics & Automation

Software-Defined Networking (SDN)

Automate repetitive tasks, gain valuable network insights, and employ secure macro and micro segmentation virtualization without boundaries.

network access control

The Challenge

In the next 3 years, there will be 55.7 billion connected devices (75% IoT), generating zettabytes of data which could potentially circumvent security and lead to a breach.


Newly introduced and various IoT devices are connecting to networks, widening the attack surface and making it difficult for IT teams to manage.


Network operational support is increasing in complexity, and consistent policy is harder to maintain.

Resolution Latency

User devices, location, and application access is more difficult to manage and troubleshoot through completion.

Digital Transformation drives new priorities


5-7X business mobile traffic growth (63%+) in the next two years.


28.5 billion networked devices and connections will exist in the next three years.


93% of public cloud users have two or more providers.


50-70% of web malware will be encrypted.

The Solution

Sniper Watch delivers end-to-end segmentation, automates user access policy, and provides a single network fabric across wired, wireless, and remote workforce connectivity.


Identity-based Segmentation

Borderless network flexibility, sharper visibility, and stronger identity authentication.


Fabric Automation

Single fabric for consistent, policy-enforced workflow-based automation.


Telemetry & Insights

Analytics and insights into user and application behavior.

Zero TrustMacro segmentation + Micro segmentation

Sniper Watch spearheads Zero Trust with a “Guilty Until Proven Innocent” approach in order to protect critical data from a cyber attack.  Identity is paramount in allowing network access to certain resources and information while remaining flexible across each user experience.

Digital-Ready Network Infrastructure

Software-Driven Network & Cybersecurity

Insights & Experiences

Gain further visibility and insights with actionable context to make informed business decisions.

Intelligence & Intent

Achieve a higher degree of intelligent network behavior to determine intent.

Automation & Assurance

Increase automation for speed, scale, and accuracy.

Security & Compliance

Ensure security and compliance with real-time threat defense.

Sniper Watch Powered

Cloud Managed Software-Defined Network

delivers an end-to-end secure platform across the access, WAN, data center, and cloud.

Intent-based security network

Deep Visibility

Identify and aggregate logically grouped endpoints based on behavior. Map their interactions and define appropriate access policy according to job function.

Identity-based Group Policy & Segmentation

Enforce group-based access control policy and secure sensitive network data through least privileged access segmentation.

Policy Consistency & Enforcement

Consistent and secure application experience throughout the access lifecycle anywhere a user may connect.

Statistical Intelligence

Convert data to business and IT insights in order to make better technical business decisions.

Software-Defined Network

Predictive Outcomes

delivers an end-to-end secure platform across the access, WAN, data center, and cloud.


Savings in network provisioning time.


Less time to issue resolution.


Reduction in impact of security breaches.


Lower operating expenses.

Simplify Your Cybersecurity Posture


Prevent sophisticated breaches, protect your organization’s proprietary data by detecting and stopping threats faster, and automate your network and security operations to save time and work smarter.


Technology and interoperability is getting faster and more complex.  Gain consistent expert-approved  technology by having Sniper Watch help manage your network & security automation so you could concentrate on your business.

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