Multi Factor Authentication & Single Sign-on

Extend your Zero Trust architecture by protecting any application in your multi-cloud environments with MFA and IT hygiene to ensure user identity, authorization, and consistent policy access.

The Business Challenge

The need for two-factor authentication has increased as companies, governments, and the public realize that passwords alone are not enough to adequately protect user accounts, sensitive data, and prove user identity.

credential theft

Passwords tend to be used repeatedly across sensitive applications.

social engineering

Hackers often manipulate users by posing as a trusted resource.


Malware can track and copy a user's password as they type their credentials.

phishing attempts

Attackers send compelling emails including malicious links to web sites designed to infect a user's computer or convince them to enter their password.

brute-force attacks

Attackers randomly generate passwords automatically until they land on the correct sequence that provides access to a user's computer.

Security Risk with Traditional MFA

of Security Breaches leverage stolen or weak passwords

The Business Solution

Organizations are starting their journey towards a frictionless, passwordless future. Our comprehensive approach fosters a secure, unified, digital experience across internal and external users that access critical multi-cloud applications.

password-less authentication

Passwordless is a group of identification methods specializing in secure biometrics, security keys, and mobile applications.

multi factor authentication

Two-factor authentication strengthens access security by requiring a second method in order to verify your identity.

single sign-on (sso)

Easy and consistent digital login experience for any user, device or location.

policy enforcement

Contextual security policy enforcement to protect dynamically changing user locations, device, and applications across on-premise and cloud.

device trust

Assess the health and security posture of any device at the time of application access.

Meet Compliance Requirements

All cybersecurity frameworks and regulatory standards require multi-factor authentication (MFA)

payment card industry
data security standard

Meet MFA requirements outlined in PCI-DSS 3.2 Section 8.3

National Institute of Standards and Technologies

Helps meet NIST 800-63 and 800-171 access security requirements

electronic prescriptions for controlled substances

Meet DEA’s EPCS requirements when approving e-prescriptions


General Data Protection Regulation

Aligned with GDPR data protection laws in Europe

federal financial institutions examination council

Meet FFIEC requirements for financial applications

Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act

Get visibility into personal devices used to access PHI

Security that works together

Comprehensive Network & Cybersecurity

Trust Verification

Identify corporate-owned versus BYOD devices.

Limit Access to Compliant Devices

Verify if devices are out-of-date and potentially vulnerable to security risks.

Application Access

Block device access to critical applications.

Device Consistency

Apply global device policy consistently for any device platform: Windows, MacOS, iOS & Android.

Competitive Advantage

Features & Benefits



Users can easily self-enroll within minutes.


Any Device

Users may leverage their own device to be used for corporate authentication.


Device Trust

Inspection of device posture at the time of application access without any endpoint agent.


Security Enforcement

Block anonymous networks, out of date software, inappropriate apps, jailbroken or tampered devices and enforce screen lock, biometrics, and encryption to access your critical applications.


Policy Enforcement

Enforce consistent policy for corporate and personal devices across admins, employees, vendors, contractors, and customize access based on each type of application.

Simplify Your Cybersecurity Posture


Prevent sophisticated breaches, protect your organization’s proprietary data by detecting and stopping threats faster, and automate your network and security operations to save time and work smarter.


Our technical engineers are available to discuss your goals and help get you on a path towards solving your network & security challenges.

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