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Web Security

Advanced Internet Protection in Today’s Modern World.

Stop Advanced Persistent Threats faster with higher efficacy by employing the most effective proven safeguards.

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Business Challenge

cybersecurity paradigm shift

Stop ransomware and malware through a systematic pipeline engine to detect and classify an array of various spoofing methods before, during, or after an attack is executed. Combine superior threat intelligence and advanced threat protection.

Sniper Watch Solution

In today’s cloud connected world, the attack vector is becoming more sophisticated and tactical in the execution of modern day threats. Organizations need a global database and the Sniper Watch platform ecosystem watching over their business so that if an outbreak occurs on one side of the world, it is seen and is automatically updated on your side of the world and with your company, automatically. Read more
Sniper Watch has designed its platform with security at the foundation which gives us the ability to deliver to you the most enhanced real-time threat intelligence, keeping your business safe and operational. AMP uniquely defends against threats across the entire attack continuum, including after a breach. Our Advanced Malware Protection functions before, during, and after, using retrospective security to help neutralize threats that have already infiltrated your systems. Sniper Watch can follow and trace a malicious file’s trajectory which allows a drastic reduction in incident response time, from months to minutes. As a web security solution, the Sniper Watch protects against incoming threats. It also controls outbound web usage and traffic while delivering business flexibility. The Sniper Watch Web Security solution helps safeguard every device, everywhere, all the time.

Features And Benefits

Security Threat Protection

Detect and stop phishing, ransomware, malware, and command & control callbacks for remote users and remote offices that do not tie back to your headquarter site.

Outbreak Intelligence

Distributes traffic analysis between multiple engines to build a detailed view of each web request and the associated security risk to help promote safe web usage.

Web Usage Controls

Combine traditional URL filtering with DCA and URL categorization to mitigate compliance, liability, and productivity risks.

Layer 4 Traffic Monitoring

Scans all activity to detect and block “phone-home” communications.

Application Visibility & Control

Allows the ability to filter and block specific URL or category information within a web request

Data Loss Prevention

Prevents sensitive data from leaving the network by creating context-based rules for basic DLP.

File Reputation

Examines every aspect of a file to determine its security risk.


Analyzes files in a secure space to determine malicious intent before they enter the network.

Retrospective Security

Compiles file location and vulnerability data to enable faster remediation after a breach—from hours or even months down to just minutes.

Endpoints Continue To Be The Primary
Point Of Entry For Breaches

70% Of Breaches Start On Endpoint Devices



Gaps In Protection

Of Organizations Say Attacks
Evaded Existing Preventative Tools


User Error

Of Attackers Bypass Endpoint
Defenses Because Of User Error


Gaps In Visibility

Of Organizations Are Unable To
Determine Cause Of Breach



Industry Average
Time To Detection

Small & Medium Sized Business

Cyberattacks are not special initiatives reserved for the large organizations.

It is our duty to enforce security
No business is immune to today’s advanced, persistent, cybersecurity threats. Small and medium sized businesses are just as susceptible, if not more susceptible than large organizations. To date, large organizations typically are the businesses that can afford high end products and services. We have streamlined more affordable, and effective delivery methods so that all businesses have the opportunity to stay secure.

On average, businesses take over 100 days to detect malware. We have the ability to detect and stop advanced malware automatically in hours or
even minutes. Some of the biggest cyberattacks, hackers were inside the company network for over 6 months, gaining intelligence before
they launched their attack.


Businesses need a way to protect themselves from from Advanced Persistent Threats and exploit kits that is affordable, manageable, and scalable. Sniper Watch offers a platform that provides a clear defense and countermeasure approach to your business security.

Monitoring & Reporting

The Sniper Watch MVP platform will monitor and send you daily reports of the activity's events for that day.

What does this mean for You? Key Client Benefit

By implementing the right cybersecurity team, your business can operate at full potential and concentrate on increasing revenue and brand awareness.

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It’s no surprise why threat actors are winning the fight in cybercrime and data exfiltration.

49% of the workforce
is mobile.

82% of corporate laptop
users bypass VPN's.

70% increasee in SaaS
usage in next 2 years.

68% of workloads will be in public
cloud data centers by 2020.

69% of branch offices have
direct-to-internet access

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