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Sniper Watch continuously monitors, builds, and perfects your entire Advanced Network & Cybersecurity infrastructure to ensure optimization and comprehensive protection for your brand, people, and business as the world continues to rapidly change. 


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Avoid the Aftermath with a Before Strategy

Sniper Watch provides ongoing configuration and architecture updates without new project costs impacting your budget.  In today’s dynamic landscape, technology changes daily, resulting in network & security configuration gaps and interoperability shortcomings.  Imagine a technology partner who provides configuration improvement with no added costs.  That time is now.

Secure Infrastructure

Sniper Watch is the only technology partner to continuously configure and update network infrastructure with no additional costs.



Through perpetual technology alignment, our security expert guides you by raising your baseline to industry standards, ensuring no gaps in performance and protection.

Managed Detection & Response

Our SOC team continuously monitors your network & security performance and proactively blocks advanced persistent attacks.

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Secure Scale Sustain Manage Harden Optimize Your Network and Cybersecurity Infrastructure

The only way to combat unprecedented challenges, is by having an unprecedented solution.  

Sniper Watch IT Solutions power complete business optimization & protection for SMB, Financial, Healthcare, Legal, Public, Retail, & Education sectors, and everything in between.  We manage all vectors of your critical IT network & cybersecurity infrastructure that match your specific technology requirements and budget so that you can focus on the needs of your business.  Prevent malicious attacks by combining process level visibility, infrastructure hardening, and continuous breach prevention.

partial Security Is Not Security

Outcome driven, real-time breach detection and prevention across your entire enterprise landscape.


A hacker’s main objective is to compromise the asset because this is where the data is located. Real-time, dynamic, Endpoint Threat Detection & Response is the only way to protect critical data in the next evolution of cyber warfare.



Next-Generation, Application-Centric Firewall security detects malicious behavior traffic-patterns and enforces security that works with enterprise endpoint and cloud systems.



Block attacks before they reach the perimeter with faster, more agile Cloud-Delivered Network & Security. Gain the ability to protect users, cloud data, and assets with flexible policy enforcement inside and outside your organization.

Turning Customers Into Clients

No SOWs. No BOHs. No Limitations.

Offered by no other Technology Provider on the planet.  Embrace the power of change.  

Perpetual monthly build out of your IT Network & Cybersecurity infrastructure.  As sophisticated threats trigger dynamic vulnerabilities, your network & security must be dynamic to continually protect your business.  Enroll in our MSSP + vCISO platform for a low monthly fee and Sniper Watch builds out and maintains your technical business posture indefinitely.

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Old Ways Won't Open New Doors

To combat today’s most sophisticated, behavior-based attacks, detection is not enough.  Without a secure, digitally transformed architecture combined with cloud-delivered intelligence, organizations cannot stay safe in the new era of cyber warfare.

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