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Multi Vector Protection

Stop Ransomware, Malware, Phishing, and Command & Control Callbacks from disrupting your business operations from every angle.

network access control

The Challenge

Organizations are continuously faced with a multitude of sophisticated attack vectors that are designed to destroy your business, disrupt work performance, and exfiltrate money from corporate bank accounts.


Businesses are attacked every 11 seconds and attacks are estimated to cost businesses approximately $20 Billion dollars by 2025.  

Advanced Malware

Sophisticated, behavior-based attacks techniques continue to evade cutting-edge defenses.

Command and Control

Advanced tactics evade security defenses in which an attacker can siphon critical data and sensitive information to outside attacker infrastructure.

The Solution

Our cloud-delivered, integrated approach continuously delivers and tunes intelligence into a comprehensive solution that detects suspicious activity within minutes across the entire infrastructure and automation to contain, control, and mitigate potential breaches.



Frictionless cybersecurity tool deployment to defend against modern cybercriminal tactics.



Continuous monitoring of malicious activity that trigger alerts before an attack could materialize.



Machine learning and artificial intelligence engines that automatically remediate threats based on algorithmic intelligence built into the cloud.

Cloud-Delivered Intelligence

partial Security Is Not Security

Outcome driven, real-time breach detection and prevention across your entire enterprise landscape.


A hacker’s main objective is to compromise the asset because this is where the data is located. Real-time, dynamic, Endpoint Threat Detection & Response fueled by our global cloud intelligence continuously protects your critical data in the next evolution of cyber warfare.



Next-Generation, Application-Centric Firewall security detects malicious behavior traffic-patterns and enforces security that works seamlessly with enterprise endpoint and cloud systems.



Block attacks before they reach the perimeter with faster, more agile Cloud-Delivered Network & Security. Gain the ability to protect users, cloud data, and assets with flexible policy enforcement inside and outside your organization.

Benefits & Value



simplified Security Platform

Sniper Watch extends the three critical elements of effective cybersecurity into our flagship Multi Vector Protection (MVP) platform comprised of endpoint, perimeter, and cloud security, providing enterprise-wide visibility and protection to businesses of all sizes.

Agile and Flexible

Rapidly Deployed in Minutes

Sniper Watch delivers critical cybersecurity quickly with our cloud-delivered Security-as-a-Service platform.  Get automatic security updates analyzed and processed from our cloud to keep all of your assets secure and optimized to ensure worker continuity and performance enhancement.


CapEx vs. OpEx Reduction

Reduce Technology Costs

Experience simplicity and reduce your overall network & security technology costs by leveraging our cloud-delivered platform designed to provide more for less.

Cloud DNS Security

Protect your user identities, devices, and data confidentiality anywhere they choose to access the Internet.  Threats continue to increase in sophistication.  Executed attacks leave clues, leaving behind infrastructure fingerprints.  We analyze petabytes of malware consumed globally by over 20,000 organizations and leverage this analysis to keep users safe from existing and emerging threats.


Global cloud intelligence via complex mathematical algorithms and statistical models to uncover current and emerging threats.

Anyware Protection

Block Malware, Ransomware, Adware, Spyware, Scareware, and Phishing attempts earlier in the attacker lifecycle.

Global Visibility

Global DNS Intelligence to acquire visibility into a bad reputation web site linked to malware, ransomware, and command & control anywhere the traffic is generated.

Perimeter Security

Next-Generation Perimeter Firewalls have the ability to inspect rich, contextual, telemetry data.  Gain deep visibility into application layer traffic and set policy to filter or block content that is not aligned to your business goals.  Strengthen your security portfolio with the fastest and most reliable time to detection, breach protection, and consistent security automation.

infrastructure hardening

Strengthen security with an embedded Intrusion Prevention System for known security vulnerabilities which communicates to other network devices.

Deep Contextual Visibility

Block malware and advanced persistent threats in real-time. Ability to see granular files cross your boundary and have the intelligence to stop embedded threats.

Global Enforcement

Ability to enforce URL and content filtering, block inappropriate web sites and deliver consistent security policy across the entire enterprise.

Endpoint Detection & Response Security

Exfiltrating sensitive data and money is a hacker’s mail goal.  The Endpoint is where the data is located.  Gain dynamic endpoint threat visibility faster than traditional anti-virus.  The EDR security indexes a malware event and logs whether the attacker behavior attempts to modify a registry setting or dll.  Because our global database has seen this event on one side of the world, the native cloud communication empowers the endpoint to maintain the most current security posture available today.

File Trajectory

Sniper Watch File Trajectory provides the ability to rewind the tape to determine the details that occurred before an event took place so that we can stop subsequent attacks and report the behavior of their employees and endpoints that lead to this activity.

Device Trajectory

Sniper Watch Device Trajectory provides the ability to detect and record the micro-processes in memory to determine what files are behaving abnormally or trying to make unauthorized and undesired system changes, affecting your workflow.

Lightweight Connector

No performance impact on the endpoint devices versus the traditional antivirus software that would bog down user productivity and full system scans. The endpoint agent communicates with the cloud so that the endpoint has the latest information of the most recent threats.

Click the laptop to view a Live Phishing Attack!
Duration: 5 min. 30 sec.

Simplify Your security Posture


Prevent sophisticated breaches, protect your organization’s proprietary data by detecting and stopping threats faster, and automate your network and security operations to save time and work smarter.


Traditional technology vendors deploy a single solution due to budget constraints and never address the root problem.  Sniper Watch relentlessly builds your network architecture and security, then pivots as things change, causing attack adversaries to be shut down.  

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