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Sniper Watch Managed Solutions

Extension of your team

Are you ready for rapid business growth?  Introducing a complete platform ecosystem with advanced network & security automation, integrating into your business posture that results in overall business performance, keeping your brand, your business, and your people safe from breaches.

Revolutionize Your Business with One Comprehensive, Cloud-Delivered, Network & Cybersecurity Solution


Prevent Business Disruption, Data Breach & Revenue Loss

Businesses continue to get breached because they lack the three pillars of a protected, network and cybersecurity infrastructure.  As a monthly service, we protect every aspect of your organization through continuously building, automating, and hardening your digital infrastructure to outlast the most sophisticated and advanced cyber attacks.  



Sniper Watch MVP is a Cloud-Delivered Complete Business Solutions Platform (Platform as a Service (PaaS)) that delivers advanced Software-Defined WAN, Automation, Network, Cybersecurity Threat Detection & Response, Prevention, and Monitoring, enforcing actionable intelligence, optimization, and safety for your business, your network, and your people.

Cyber Criminals are Targeting Small & Mid-Sized Businesses

Cost Over Time

average cost of a breach for small to mid-sized businesses

Attack Target

of cyberattacks target small to mid-sized businesses

Business Profitability

will become unprofitable within a month of being breached

Customer Retention

of customers said they would wait 3 months before purchasing again from a business that had been compromised

Ransomware Breach

likeliness to incur a subsequent attack due to a backdoor left undetected

Reduce Complexity & Risk

continuous Building of your Technical business infrastructure

One Monthly Cost

Hackers are continuously adapting and utilizing sophisticated, dynamic, techniques to disrupt your business.  In order for your business to thrive, you need an edge to protect your organization.   You must quickly adapt and adopt new protection techniques, tactics, and strategies to not only stay protected, but to optimize network performance for your people to do their jobs more efficiently than your competition.  

Never slow down the process of implementing needed networking & security with complex paperwork and procedures.  We keep you ahead of the rapidly changing curve before its too late.


Managed Detection & Response

See tangible attacker behavior inside your network before it materializes. Sophisticated methods include masking DNS and NTP traffic that are used in stealthy attacks.


Application Security

Gain visibility into your network by detecting and filtering applications. Monitor application performance and optimize bandwidth with application-aware policies to enforce your business needs.


Network Access Control

SAML Identity Access Management Security to enforce consistent posture combined with industry leading visibility and policy that directly impacts business outcomes.



Configure consistent and automated policy across your enterprise. Enhance network & security effectiveness while optimizing workloads.



GPS for your business. Application performance optimization so your people can work smarter and quicker, wherever they connect.


Next-Generation Firewall

Gain valuable insight into traffic and where users go. Block inappropriate or non-business related work while improving agility and scalability.


Multi-Factor Authentication

IoT, connections from multiple devices and locations are difficult to manage. Get secure communications consistently across all users, devices, and locations without disrupting business or injecting complex procedures for your people.


Vulnerability Assessment

Get deep, forensic visibility under the hood of your business and don't leave it to chance that a breach will not hit your organization. Know ahead of time where your vulnerabilities and exposures exist, secure them, and shut them down before an attack does.

We Detect and Block Attacks

Managed Detection & Response

Sniper Watch prevents attacks by providing the latest global threat intelligence to strengthen defenses, combining dynamic real-time cloud informed breach detection with an Anti-Virus (AV) engine to detect and block attacks at point-of-entry, built-in sandboxing technology to analyze unknown files, and proactive protection capabilities that close attack pathways and minimize vulnerabilities. But if malware evades these prevention measures and gets inside, Sniper Watch continuously monitors and records all file activity (behavior, not content) to quickly detect malicious behavior, provide retrospective alerting, and then provide deep visibility and a detailed recorded history of the malware’s behavior over time—where it came from, where it’s been, and what it’s doing. Think of it like rolling back the tape to see what happened so that it can be prevented in the future.


Across your entire business

Outsmart emerging threats in your digital business with industry-leading machine learning and behavioral modeling. Know who is on the network and what they are doing using telemetry from your network infrastructure. Detect advanced threats and respond to them quickly. Protect critical data with smarter network segmentation. And do it all with a solution that grows with your business.


Partial Security Is Not Security.

Outcome Driven, Real-Time breach detection and prevention across your entire enterprise landscape.


A hacker’s main objective is to compromise the asset. This is where the data is located. Dynamic Endpoint Detection & Response is the only way to protect critical data in the next evolution of cyberwarfare.



Next-Generation, Application-Centric Firewall security correlates events from every angle with malicious behavior traffic-pattern events shared instantaneously with enterprise endpoint and cloud systems.



Block attacks before they reach the perimeter with faster, more agile Cloud-Delivered Network & Security, and the ability to protect users and assets with flexible policy enforcement inside and outside your organization.

Simplify Your Cybersecurity Posture

Managed Cybersecurity

Prevent sophisticated breaches, protect your organization’s proprietary data by detecting and stopping threats faster, and automate your network and security operations to save time, money, and work smarter.


To combat today’s most sophisticated, behavior-based attacks, detection is not enough.  Without a secure, digitally transformed architecture combined with cloud-delivered intelligence, organizations cannot stay safe in the new era of cyber warfare.

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