Multi Vector Protection

Stop Ransomware, Malware, Phishing, and Command & Control Callbacks from shutting down your business operations.



NETWORK & Cybersecurity Automation

Sniper Watch MVP is a Cloud-Delivered Complete Business Solutions Platform (Platform as a Service (PaaS)) that delivers advanced Software-Defined WAN, Automation, Network, Cybersecurity Threat Detection, Prevention, and Monitoring, enforcing actionable intelligence, optimization, and safety for your business, your network, and your people.

Business Challenge​​

Jobs Are At Risk

You have limited network and security resource specialists.  You are getting pressure from Executives to get things done, otherwise, you are considered expendable.  It will take your business 3-5 years to budget and implement the effective solutions you have planned.  By then, the technology will be antiquated.  You can’t seem to find the right fit for your business.  You need the experts to help shorten the learning curve.

Sniper Watch Solution

Stay Laser Focused On Your Business

Traditional tools and methods are not effective. Just because you inject a security solution does not mean you have protection. You must attack hacker methods by staying one step ahead of their game.

Sniper Watch MVP is a Cloud Delivered Solutions Platform (Platform as a Service (PaaS)) that delivers advanced Cybersecurity Threat Detection, Prevention, and Monitoring, enforcing actionable intelligence and safety for your business, your network, and your people.

You Cannot Defend What You Cannot See

You first must see it before you can stop it. The Sniper Watch cloud security platform not only detects and stops the most advanced threats available today, but we provide you the ability to focus on the continuous growth of your business and people.

Features And Benefits

The Three Pillars to Effective Cybersecurity

Endpoint Detection & Response Security

Exfiltrating sensitive data and money is a hacker's mail goal. The Endpoint is where the data is located. Gain dynamic endpoint threat visibility faster than traditional anti-virus.

Perimeter Security

Next-Generation Perimeter Firewalls have the ability to inspect rich, contextual, telemetry data. Strengthen your security portfolio with the fastest and most reliable time-to-detection, breach protection, and consistent security automation.

Cloud Security

88% of cybersecurity attacks are stopped before they reach your perimeter. Less process-intensive transactions directly result in optimized network speeds and increased business productivity.


We are the right company, at the right place, at the right time.

Cloud DNS Security

Protect your user identities, devices, and data confidentiality anywhere they choose to access the Internet.  Threats continue to increase in sophistication.  Executed attacks leave clues, leaving behind infrastructure fingerprints.  We analyze petabytes of malware consumed globally by over 20,000 organizations and leverage this analysis to keep users safe from existing and emerging threats.


Intelligence to uncover current and emerging threats.

Anyware Protection

Block Malware, Ransomware, Adware, Spyware, Scareware, and Phishing attempts earlier in the attacker lifecycle.

Global Visibility

Global DNS Intelligence to acquire visibility into a bad reputation web site linked to malware, ransomware, and command & control anywhere the traffic is generated.

Perimeter Security

Next-Generation Perimeter Firewalls have the ability to inspect rich, contextual, telemetry data.  Gain deep visibility into application layer traffic and set policy to filter or block content that is not aligned to your business goals.  Strengthen your security portfolio with the fastest and most reliable time to detection, breach protection, and consistent security automation.

Harden the Infrastructure

Strengthen security with an embedded Intrusion Prevention System for known security vulnerabilities which communicates to other network devices.

Deep Contextual Visibility

Block malware and advanced persistent threats in real-time. Ability to see granular files cross your boundary and have the intelligence to stop embedded threats.

Global Enforcement

Ability to enforce URL and content filtering, block inappropriate web sites and deliver consistent security policy across the entire enterprise.

Endpoint Detection & Response Security

Exfiltrating sensitive data and money is a hacker’s mail goal.  The Endpoint is where the data is located.  Gain dynamic endpoint threat visibility faster than traditional anti-virus.  The EDR security indexes a malware event and logs whether the attacker behavior attempts to modify a registry setting or dll.  Because our global database has seen this event on one side of the world, the native cloud communication empowers the endpoint to maintain the most current security posture available today.

File Trajectory

Sniper Watch File Trajectory provides the ability to rewind the tape to determine the details that occurred before an event took place so that we can stop subsequent attacks and report the behavior of their employees and endpoints that lead to this activity.

Device Trajectory

Sniper Watch Device Trajectory provides the ability to detect and record the micro-processes in memory to determine what files are behaving abnormally or trying to make unauthorized and undesired system changes, affecting your workflow.

Lightweight Connector

No performance impact on the endpoint devices versus the traditional antivirus software that would bog down user productivity and full system scans. The endpoint agent communicates with the cloud so that the endpoint has the latest information of the most recent threats.

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Duration: 5 min. 30 sec.

Endpoints Continue To Be The Primary Point Of Entry For Breaches

70% Of Breaches Start On Endpoint Devices



Gaps In Protection

Of Organizations Say Attacks
Evaded Existing Preventative Tools


User Error

Of Attackers Bypass Endpoint
Defenses Because Of User Error


Gaps In Visibility

Of Organizations Are Unable To
Determine Cause Of Breach



Industry Average
Time To Detection

raise your standard

simplified. Agile. fast.

No business is immune to today’s advanced, persistent, cybersecurity threats.  Whether you have (10) users, or (10,000) users, the cybersecurity requirement is the same.  Small and medium sized businesses are just as susceptible, if not more susceptible than large organizations, because businesses lack the resources and attacks will go undetected, possibly indefinitely.

Large organizations typically are the businesses that can afford high end products and services. We have streamlined more affordable, and effective delivery methods so that all businesses have the opportunity to stay secure.

On average, businesses take over (100) days to detect malware.  We have the ability to detect and stop advanced malware automatically in hours or even minutes.  Some of the biggest cyberattacks, hackers were inside the company network for over 6 months, gaining intelligence before they launched their attack.

Internet-Wide Visibility

Visibility into the global Internet and attacker trends where attackers stage attacks.  Interrelated connections between domains, IPs, ASNs, and malware, and behavior patterns.

Alert Priority

Prioritized investigation alerts.  Accurate contextual information against attacker methods.

Effective Threat Intelligence

Current, intelligence of the latest, Zero-Day emerging threats.  Reliable remediation to attacker methods.

Dedicated Resources

Dedicated, experienced cybersecurity professionals working on behalf of your business.  Ability to do more with less.


Block Threats Earlier

Stop malware and breaches before it reaches your network or endpoints.  Reduce the time spent remediating infections and chasing down erroneous alerts.

Extend Protection

Borderless and Boundless. Remove blind spots. Protect users everywhere they go, anywhere that they access the Internet.

Secure Users, Data, and Apps

Protect users, data, and apps in the cloud against compromised accounts, malware, data breaches, and modern collaborative business operations.  Ensure compliance everywhere, across all assets. Improve security with no impact on end-user productivity.

Multi Vector Protection (MVP)

Our leading, comprehensive, security ecosystem allows each security segment to communicate with each other.

If an event is seen on an endpoint, our technology correlates and communicates this event to the NGFW and Cloud instantaneously so that other devices and users, regardless of location, can obtain consistent security benefits. Dynamically, all devices and users are automatically converged rather than the antiquated, and timely methods of downloading security updates individually.

Daily reports are sent to showcase how your organization stacks up against the other organizations all over the world.

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It's no surprise why threat actors are winning the fight in cybercrime and data exfiltration.

49% of the workforce
is mobile.

82% of corporate laptop
users bypass VPN's.

70% increasee in SaaS
usage in next 2 years.

68% of workloads will be in public
cloud data centers by 2020.

69% of branch offices have
direct-to-internet access