Ransomware 2020: The Year In Review – How It Infects Everything!

Ransomware is rapidly surfacing at pandemic rates.  Research shows that a business is attacked every 11 seconds and attacks are estimated to cost businesses approximately $20 Billion dollars this upcoming year! There are fundamental ways to protect your organization and close the gaps. Here is the 2020 year in review: January Starting with January, let’s look

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COVID-19 Hacker attacks Work from Home Users

Cyberattacks now seen at Unprecedented Scale as Teleworkers Increase in Massive Numbers

As recent events have now shaped the culture of our business and personal life, we are now entering a new phase of the aftershock of the COVID-19 pandemic.  Chaos, survival mode, quarantining, shifted focus, uncertainty, mass layoffs, financial disruption, and large companies now declaring bankruptcy have resulted in businesses and individuals shifting their attention to

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Teleworker Productivity at Home

Maximize Business Continuity & Ensure Security during Unpredictable, Trying Times

Current events are impacting our personal and business livelihood, creating uncertainty and disrupting the organization’s focus.  Businesses are now reacting, and making changes to accommodate employees working from home, which opens up vulnerabilities, worker performance issues, and gaps without the proper tools, visibility, and proactive protection. Sniper Watch is here to make sure your business,

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Microsoft Breach 2020

Microsoft Data Breach Exposes 250 Million Customer Service and Support Records

Microsoft has admitted that between December 5th-31st 2019, a mis-configuration of the security rules for (what should have been) an internal customer support database left it exposed for anyone to access – no password required. According to researcher Bob Diachenko, who discovered the database was accessible to anyone capable of running a web browser, the nearly 250

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CyrusOne Datacenter

Major Datacenter Confirms Ransomware Attack, Affecting 6 Customers

CyrusOne confirmed a ransomware attack to its managed services division and said the attack affected six customers served primarily from its New York data center, located in Wappingers Falls, New York. The company said it was “working to restore availability issues to six managed service customers due to a ransomware program encrypting certain devices.” Related: Ransomware Has

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Malware Exploit

Echobot Malware Now Up to 71 Exploits, Targeting SCADA Networks

F5 Networks researchers have detected a new variant of the “Echobot” malware, now consisting of 71 exploits. The authors continue to follow the trend of arming the malware and for the threat group to expand its operation. These newly added exploits target both old and new vulnerabilities, adding as new ones target industrial control system

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New Jersey’s Largest Hospital Pays Hackers in Ransomware Breach

New Jersey’s largest hospital system said last week it paid an extortion fee to hackers who had disrupted medical facilities with a ransomware attack. Hackensack Meridian Health, based in Edison, New Jersey, said Dec. 13 it was working to restore its computer systems following a Dec. 2 ransomware attack that forced administrators to cancel roughly

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Fake Veterans Hiring Website


We’ve discovered a threat actor attempting to take advantage of Americans who may be seeking a job, especially military veterans. The actor, previously identified by Symantec as Tortoiseshell, deployed a website called hxxp://hiremilitaryheroes[.]com that posed as a website to help U.S. military veterans find jobs. The URL is strikingly close to the legitimate service from

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Google found a way to remotely attack Apple iOS devices by sending a boobytrapped iMessage

Details weren’t shared at the time, but we now know that the iOS security update addressed critical vulnerabilities discovered by Google security researchers Samuel Groß and Natalie Silvanovich that could allow a remote attacker to attack an iPhone just by sending a maliciously-crafted iMessage. Thankfully the vulnerabilities, which could most likely have been sold to

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British Airways Fined $183 Million Under GDPR Over 2018 Data Breach

Britain’s Information Commissioner’s Office (ICO) today hit British Airways with a record fine of $183 million for failing to protect the personal information of around half a million of its customers during last year’s security breach. British Airways, who describes itself as “The World’s Favorite Airline,” disclosed a breach last year that exposed personal details and

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Operating Systems

More Than Half of SMB Devices Run Outdated Operating Systems

66% of devices in small-to midsized businesses are based on expired or about-to-expire Microsoft OS versions, Alert Logic study found. New research underscores security weaknesses in small-to midsized businesses including a dependence on antiquated Microsoft operating systems, encryption misconfigurations, poor patching regimes, and reliance on outdated Exchange 2000 email servers. The findings, published this week

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