Cyberattacks are not special threats designed for big business.

The Gold Standard in Small and Medium sized business protection.  Effective performance based networking and security designed to secure all levels of business.

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Business Challenge

Cyber crime damages will cost the world $6 trillion annually by 2021. Personal Identifiable Information, or PII is the privacy data that hackers are targeting.

Internet of Things (IoT) describes a world where just about anything can be connected and communicate in a “smart mode” by combining simple data to produce usable intelligence.  With the IoT, the physical world is becoming one big information system with an ultimate goal of improving quality of life and empowering new business models.  However, this also means that more personal information and business data will exist in the cloud and be passed back and forth through thousands of devices that may have exploitable vulnerabilities.

Sniper Watch Solution

Its Personal Cybersecurity attacks are not just for business. Hackers are scraping your digital online footprint so that once enough information is gathered to understand your behaviors and traffic patterns, whether buying pet products from Chewy, home goods from Amazon, or filling up your tank at your local gas station, a story is being formulated. Automated malware is among us and if you don’t implement the proper tools to detect it, you basically have a stranger watching your family’s behavior patterns from a distance. It is no different than a thief at night watching your house from a distance waiting for you to leave, only this time, it is impossible to see the attack or know it is coming because it looks like all other traffic data. Read more
The problem is that Smart Home product manufacturers are so quick to get the next cool automation device into your home, that they spend little to no time securing it. So, the consumer purchases the product because it’s amazing to be able to control our physical world through our fingertips, and we also want to show it off to our family and friends. Okay, so… We’ve done that. Now what? Critical aspects of our home can be opened and closed or turned on and off, but there is no means to secure it. Great… what do we do now? We are just open to attacks and then we wonder why it is happening. Enter Sniper Watch. We saw this as a problem, and it is now time to respond. We use the same technology platform that multi-million dollar banks and businesses all over the world use or may not have adopted… yet. The home is a key target for attackers, and your identity, your home automation products, and your family must be secured from all angles, all the time. Currently, more things are connected to the Internet than people, according to an infographic from Cisco. It goes on to say that 25 billion devices are expected to be connected by 2015 and 50 billion are slated to connect by 2020. In this quickly evolving world, all the things that connect to the Internet are exponentially expanding the attack surface for hackers and enemies. A recent study showed that 70 percent of IoT devices contain serious vulnerabilities. There is undeniable evidence that our dependence on interconnected technology is defeating our ability to secure it.

Features And Benefits

Improve end-user experience

Deliver high throughput and reliable coverage: The proposed solution offers advanced technologies such as 802.11ac Wave 2, Read More Maintain stable connections: The proposed solution also uses dedicated radio for security and RF optimization with integrated spectrum analysis. less

Increase capacity and performance

Remedy the bottleneck on your existing backbone: Multigigabit Ethernet can drive speeds beyond 1 Gbps without costly cable upgrades. Read More Eliminate dead spots in hard-to-wire areas: Mesh networking, included in every proposed Access Point, creates a self-healing, resilient network for cable and switch failures. It continues to operate despite failures or configuration changes in the rest of the network. This occurs without requiring manual configuration or optimization. less

Enhance security

Enjoy dedicated wireless intrusion detection and prevention system (WIDS/WIPS) with Air Marshal: This feature is integrated into every proposed AP and centrally managed from the Meraki cloud. Read More Experience built-in support for BYOD: You can easily and securely track and support user-owned devices. Benefit from augmented security: This wireless solution supports L3 and L7 firewalls, a built-in filter for adult content, integrated network access control (NAC) to help ensure Windows clients are running anti-virus software before joining a wireless service set identification (SSID), easy wireless client isolation for secure guest Wi-Fi, and role-based access control for granular permissions less

Simplify network management

Use simple plug-and-play deployment: Each device downloads its configuration through the cloud, facilitating large campus and multisite deployments without requiring onsite IT. Read More See who and what is on your network: The proposed APs provide deep network insight into users, device types, operating systems, applications, and bandwidth consumption, among other things. less

Endpoints Continue To Be The Primary
Point Of Entry For Breaches

70% Of Breaches Start On Endpoint Devices



Gaps In Protection

Of Organizations Say Attacks
Evaded Existing Preventative Tools


User Error

Of Attackers Bypass Endpoint
Defenses Because Of User Error


Gaps In Visibility

Of Organizations Are Unable To
Determine Cause Of Breach



Industry Average
Time To Detection

Small & Medium Sized Business

Cyberattacks are not special initiatives reserved for the large organizations.

It is our duty to enforce security
No business is immune to today’s advanced, persistent, cybersecurity threats. Small and medium sized businesses are just as susceptible, if not more susceptible than large organizations. To date, large organizations typically are the businesses that can afford high end products and services. We have streamlined more affordable, and effective delivery methods so that all businesses have the opportunity to stay secure.

On average, businesses take over 100 days to detect malware. We have the ability to detect and stop advanced malware automatically in hours or
even minutes. Some of the biggest cyberattacks, hackers were inside the company network for over 6 months, gaining intelligence before
they launched their attack.


Sniper Watch delivers an affordable network access control solution in a systematic way. Secure east-west traffic on your network and get the best in class solution quickly.

Monitoring & Reporting

The Sniper Watch MVP platform will monitor and send you daily reports of the activity's events for that day.

What does this mean for You? Key Client Benefit

By implementing the right cybersecurity team, your business can operate at full potential and concentrate on increasing revenue and brand awareness.

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It’s no surprise why threat actors are winning the fight in cybercrime and data exfiltration.

49% of the workforce
is mobile.

82% of corporate laptop
users bypass VPN's.

70% increasee in SaaS
usage in next 2 years.

68% of workloads will be in public
cloud data centers by 2020.

69% of branch offices have
direct-to-internet access

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