Is your home secure against Internet Hackers?

Can your home network defend against emerging advanced malware threats?

If you incorporate Home Automation into your home, how can you be sure someone cannot gain access to sensitive or critical components that could compromise you?

The Sniper Watch MVP Cybersecurity ecosystem provides a cloud based, advanced unified technology intelligence to detect and prevent attack threats and vulnerabilities across the entire network device continuum.



Can you afford to be hacked by Ransomware?

What do you do if an attack breaks out? Who do you call?

Do you know what files and critical business relevant data is being sent from your users and endpoints?

Sniper Watch offers full, comprehensive network security solutions that defend against threats at the perimeter as well as at the endpoint.

Changing the Way the Game is Played

Empowering You to Get More Done.

The digital landscape is changing rapidly.  Extend advanced network security features and capabilities to your home or business space.  Delivering analytics, visibility, and control from every angle.

Sniper Watch Cloud

It's not a matter of "IF" You get hacked. It is a matter of "WHEN" You get hacked...

Multi-Layer Security

Detect and remediate malicious events from infiltrating your network and infecting your endpoints

Deep Packet Inspection

Advanced Firewall inspection that communicates with Cloud Security to safeguard the perimeter and endpoint

Mobile Location Security

Pervasive security protection covered from every angle

Identity Protection & Enforcement

Protect your financial assets, digital footprint and evade attackers by leveraging the best security in the world

Home Automation Security

Making the intangible, tangible with increased time to detection and alert response, protecting all Home Automation & Security products


Optimized and managed wireless security for all endpoints that touch your network

Behavior Analytics

Monitoring, Alerts & Reporting on suspicious events

Traffic Profiling

Retrospective analysis and remediation that identifies what caused a breach, how it was protected, and automated communication between all networked endpoints to secure the network on subsequent attacks

Attack the Hack

Proactive defense and countermeasures designed to trap and deceive any attacker, causing them to be detected and stopped before a breach can materialize

Sniper Watch MVP for Home

We continuously keep you safe, while you continue to enjoy the moments that take your breath away...

Sniper Watch MVP for Business

Take your business to the next level by implementing the world's best enterprise security with a pay as you grow model.

Sniper Watch MVP for Education

Develop the young minds of today, allowing our children to explore information while still keeping them safe.

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